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Coughlin Supports two different email campaign platforms:


CreateSend is a web-based solution.


  • Coughlin sets up your accounts/users and templates.
  • You can manage your lists and view reports.
  • It has powerful segmenting tools and a simple interface.
  • Optional spam test: You can check your email against four major spam engines to help improve delivery rates before sending it off. The scan costs $9.00 per test.
  • Coughlin creates your initial template, and you get one free template design per year Additional template designs are always available, billed separately.
  • We include a built-in signup form for one list on your site.
  • New signups can trigger a series custom, automated emails to the customer.
  • Instant signup (single opt-in) or signup by email verification (double opt-in) options are available.

  • Coughlin takes care of configuration, management, and design. You send the emails.
  • If someone is sick or on vacation, Coughlin can help with sending the emails.
  • Personal support.

  • Of the two options, it costs a bit more per month.
For pricing and details:


We do NOT resell MailChimp, but we can integrate it into your site.


  • You create your templates
  • You manage your lists
  • You set up your account and manage your users
  • Automatic sign up response emails
  • Single or Double opt-in options

  • Smaller monthly payment
  • More flexibility for creating your template designs.

  • Requires capable staff
  • No advanced spam testing.
  • Costs for initial integration on site. Online support only.
For pricing and details:

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