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Move a YouTube Channel from a Personal Account to a Brand Account

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  1. Log into existing account at
  2. Go here: and see if there is already a "Brand Account" listed which you want to use. If so, skip to step 4.
  3. If no brand accounts are listed, click "Create a new channel" give it a name, then click "Create."
  4. Go to and click "Move channel to a brand account"
  5. Click the available account in the list to which you would like to move your channel.
    NOTE: if your brand account already has a channel associated with it, the channel will be deleted during this process. If you want to keep the channel, you should create a new brand account. If you created the brand account in step 3, don't worry about deleting its channel as it will be empty.
  6. Once you have moved the channel from a personal account to a brand account, go here:
  7. Click "Add or Remove Managers"
  8. Click "Manage Permissions"
  9. Click the "Invite New Users" icon in the top right corner.
  10. Type in one or more users, and choose the role (Owner or Manager) then click "Invite"

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