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Article Publishing Options

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Every Joomla! article has a set of publishing options available.

Status: for an article to be displayed on the front end, it must be set to "published." If you would like to remove an article from public view, you can change this status to "unpublished" or "archived." It can be useful to use the "unpublished" status while you are working on a new article, so you can save the article as you go, without it being published until you are finished.

Category: for articles to be displayed in the correct location on the site (particularly news articles and providers) they must be assigned to the correct category.

Featured: Setting an article to featured or unfeatured will have no effect on your site.

Start and Finish Publishing: This can be a very useful tool for blog articles. The start and finish publishing fields allow you to set a specific date and time for the article to automatically appear and/or disappear without any manual intervention. You can use this feature to set an expiration date for certain articles, or enter in several blog articles but set a staggered release date schedule instead of releasing them all at once.

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