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Publishing Options

Every article you create has a set of publishing options available to make it easy to manage and schedule your posts. These options are available on the “Publishing” tab above your article editor, or further down the page, below the editor, depending on the layout of your site. The following is a run-down of the settings under "Publishing."


If you have the option of multiple categories, you can change the category of the article here.

WARNING: Changing categories may make your article appear in a different spot on your website or disappear completely. Only change this if you are confident in the outcome.


Tags are a type of metadata, and can be very useful in a variety of ways. In fact, we have another article dedicated just to tags. Refer to that article for a full explanation of what they are and how to use them. In short, they’re a way to categorize your article with a brief list of words and phrases. One major advantage that lets anyone benefit from tags is improved SEO, so they are worth using with your blog if you have one.

Author’s Alias

Use this if your website displays the author names and you want something other than your regular username to be shown. Enter whatever name you want to appear as the author.


By default, the status will be “Published” right away, and available to the public as soon as you save it for the first time. However, you can set the status to “Unpublished” and it will remain invisible to the public, but available to logged-in administrators. This is a good way to save an article if you haven’t finished it yet, or want someone to proof it before you publish it. Unpublishing an article does not delete it, rather it removes it from the public view.


This is a simple yes/no switch. The way most sites are set up, this will not actually have any effect on the front end so you can ignore this unless we've told you otherwise.

Start Publishing & Finish Publishing

Here is where it gets interesting; this is perhaps the most important and useful feature on the publishing tab. The start/finish dates let you schedule articles to automatically be published and unpublished at a specific date and time, down to the second. They are easy to use, simply click the calendar icon and choose a date. The date and time numbers will be automatically inserted in the correct format, and you can fine tune the numbers as needed. It is not necessary to use both start and finish dates; you can use either one or the other as suits your needs.

Please note that all articles, whether published or unpublished, will still be visible to you and other administrators when logged in. This does not mean other users can see them. To see what everyone else sees, you need to be logged out of the site. Unpublished articles are usually indicated as such in some way, depending on the design of your website.

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